Our Team

Sevenmile-Gooseberry Road Surveying, Sevier UT

Our employees are highly trained and experienced professionals who are recognized leaders in their technical disciplines.

Individual qualifications include the Professional Engineer (P.E.) and Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) licenses. Both licenses are granted by the State of Colorado after examination and proof of the required education, qualifications, and experience. Generally, this includes a four year technical degree, at least four years of discipline-relevant experience, and passing both the E.I (Engineering Intern) or LSIT (Land Surveyor in Training) and P.E. or PLS exams.

All engineering plans, specifications, and reports and surveying plats, legal descriptions, and boundaries must be prepared under the responsible charge of a Colorado-registered P.E. or PLS., respectively.

Our staff have earned other designations reflecting advanced professional training including Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM), Professional Hydrologist (PH), Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP), Envision Sustainability Professional (ESP), and advanced technical degrees, training, and coursework.

Corporate Management

Michael D. Middleton, P.E., Principal William K. Wright, PLS, Principal Kim Cooper, MS Finance, Controller


Tim D. McConnell, P.E., Principal Mathew E. Selders, PLS, Principal

Associates / Expertise Leaders

Cameron W. Knapp, P.E., LEED AP, Sr. Associate John C. Day, PLS, Associate Michelle Iblings, MSCE, P.E., PH, CFM, Associate Garrett W. Lingreen, P.E., Associate Derek Schuler, P.E., PTOE, ENV SP, Associate Kate Varnum, MSE, P.E., Associate

Professional Staff

Mark A. Butler, P.E., Sr. Project Engineer Kurt Crawford, P.E. Brian Charland, P.E.

Support Team

Kevin G. Wood, Marketing Coordinator + IT Admin.